Hot swimming
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Hot zone
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Cardio-Fitness zone
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Rasul bath
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Solarium and massage
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Turkish bath
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Price list:  
Rasul: 70 € (couple)  
Solar bed: 12 €  


Hot swimming: Outdoor heated pool, Jacuzzi and fountains neck.
Drops ... countless thousands of green drops, plunging into the large pool with heated water.
Can reach the interior of the tub garden surrounded by lemon trees and ancient statues from Thailand.
The pool and its water are the heart of downtown, all around the hot zone is taking shape ...

Hot zone: Turkish bath with two rooms with color therapy.
Essential oils and herbs dissolve in the steam is absorbed by the skin and the respiratory system doing a good action to the whole organism. With the combination of humidity and heat, the body relaxes muscle tension and tends to decrease, improves blood circulation in starting a healthy process of reoxygenation.
The friction of ice is ideal for toning the blood flow surface and a pleasant feeling of freshness after a sauna or a hot bath, balancing and stimulating the entire circulatory system.
Walking barefoot on the river stones placed along the route creates a natural foot massage that associated with jets of hot and cold water gives immediate and obvious benefit to the circulation and nervous system.

Fitness center: After a relaxing herb drink you can go to the Fitness Centre, 100 sq.m. with special high-tech equipment to train each single muscle and get the most from your body.

Rasul bath: And more still … more WELLNESS, with a reserved area where you can discover the Rasul Bath.
The secret lies in the combination of four elements: water, fire, earth and aromatised steam. Heat alternated with the gentle steam slowly increases the room temperature and the essential herb oils help you to breathe.
The mud produces a pleasant tingling effect on your skin, for a natural peeling and firming treatment. As your skin breathes naturally all the toxins are eliminated and the peeling helps it to absorb the curative substances.

Beauty farm: Our team of Therapists will meet you in the Beauty Farm where they will listen to your personal needs and offer you all their expertise for just the right treatment.
5 special cabins fitted with the cutting edge technology, with plays of coloured lights, relaxing music, beds with mattresses heated by warm water and special slimming and firming machines. These are the secret ingredients that will make all your desires come true.
We are waiting for you ...


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